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Find out how to solve the top legal issues facing startups and small businesses and protect your intellectual property
21 Jan 2021 17:00 +01:00

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Topics covered

Start down the legal path to setting up your business and protecting your intellectual property.

Katya Fisher will walk you through the legal considerations for startups, such as Business Structure, Founding Agreements, Employment Agreements, Raising Capital, and International Considerations.

Nadia Kashchenko will introduce you to the IP, Data Privacy, and Antitrust issues, helping you build a connection between your “go to market” strategy and the protection of your rights.

Important! This webinar is for information purposes only and is not legal or tax advice.

Join the top experts in the field to learn:

  • What is IP Management?
  • How to prevent IP infringement?
  • What are the key legal challenges to starting a business?
  • How to deal with patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets?

Meet our speakers

Katya Fisher, Esq.
Katya Fisher, Esq.

New York Licensed Attorney
Director and Head of Legal to the Chairman, SIT
Investment Director and Legal Advisor, Runa Capital
Former Partner and Practice Group Leader at U.S. AmLaw 200 Ranked Firm

Nadia Kashchenko
Nadia Kashchenko

CEO and Founder of ESPE Consulting group
Patent Attorney, LL.M.
Former VP & Chief IP and Antitrust Officer at a global cybersecurity company for 15 years
Co-author of US/EU/RU/CN patents in the cybersecurity field"

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