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We empower robots and autonomous cars to see, navigate, and control the world around them

We are an SIT-based autonomous team of engineers, specializing in AI, driverless mobility, and robotics.

Unlock new value with our consulting services, focused on AI and machine learning applications in sports. Partnering with us, you can add a digital edge to the spectator experience and score both on and off the field. Discover our custom-built AI car safety systems and handle straights, chicanes, and hairpins on par with the most skilled race drivers.

Consulting services

Mobility self-driving technologies and robotics
Mobility self-driving technologies and robotics

Stay on the cutting edge of AI innovation with our consulting services in self-driving vehicle technologies and robotics.

SIT Autonomous creates driverless travel opportunities for you and your clients by leveraging insights from mechatronics, computer vision, control, machine learning, and system engineering. Equipped with a custom-built car safety control system, you can enjoy 360-degree situational awareness and control the vehicle across a wide range of scenarios as well as the most skilled race driver.

AI for sports
AI for sports

Gain a tech advantage with the SIT sports consulting services, ranging from computer vision and data analysis to automated journalism and leading-edge wearables. With a bespoke AI and machine vision upgrade, you can streamline fan inquiries on a variety of topics, expand media coverage capabilities, and optimize training and performance.

Together with our AI racing engineers, you can tap into deep learning applications and achieve accuracy beyond humans, making professional car racing safer.


The Acronis SIT Autonomous racing team participates in the Roborace Championship, the world's first competition of racing teams developing self-driving AI.

Find out the latest Roborace results and leaderboard.

Acronis SIT Autonomous team reveal

In collaboration with Acronis, the SIT Autonomous team implements AI racing capabilities in a range of controlled environments

The Roborace experience contributes to the development of road-relevant autonomous software and provides immersive, safety-oriented entertainment for the public imagination.

Our core team

Ilya Shimchik
Team Principal
Alexander Buyval
PhD, Autonomous Driving System Engineer
Ruslan Mustafin
Autonomous Driving System Engineer
Maksim Filipenko
Autonomous Driving System Engineer

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