Science at SIT

The mission of SIT is to drive transformative advances in education, science, research, and technology

SIT research mission

The SIT Research Mission focuses on the QuCS (Quantum Computer Science & Software Engineering), QTAM (Quantum Technologies and Advanced Materials) and QuBuS (Quantum business Sciences) Strategic Research Domains. In all of these areas, SIT will target fundamental science, and develop it through to applications and company creation.


SIT will investigate key problems at the intersection of the three research domains, each of which contributes foundations from a variety of subareas (quantum, nanotech, AI, Machine Learning (ML), Software Engineering (SE), cyber-physical system engineering, managerial science and more.

Knowledge, science, and prediction are at the core of SIT's mission.

QuCS (Quantum Computer Science & Software Engineering)

Prof. Bertrand Meyer
Prof. Bertrand Meyer
Chair of Software Engineering

Prof. Mauro Pezzè
Prof. Mauro Pezzè
Chair of Software Testing and Analysis at Schaffhausen Institute of Technology