SIT Attends Acronis Cyber Week in Singapore and Partnering with ICPC in Asia
The partnership complements SIT’s mission to lead the way in terms of higher technical education.
SIT Attends Cybersecurity Event by Acronis
The two-and-a-half-day conference was committed to improving the protection of critical digital assets and systems.
SIT Meets the UK Media during the Graphene Turns 15 Event at the Royal Society
SIT supported Graphene Turns 15 — a unique event by Nature Nanotechnology.
SIT Receives Strong Endorsement from Leading Scientists and the Canton of Schaffhausen
SIT, an international research-led institution founded in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, hosted its first annual Schaffhausen Insights in Technology conference.
SIT Insights in Technology Talk Discusses the Digitalisation of the Entertainment Industry
In March 2020, SIT held its latest event in a series of public SIT Insights in Technology Talks in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.