New Book: Unimagined Futures – ICT Opportunities and Challenges

02 Feb 2021

We are happy to announce an upcoming book: Unimagined Futures – ICT Opportunities and Challenges, featuring Bertrand Meyer, Provost, and Professor of Software Engineering at SIT.

The International Federation of Information Processes (IFIP), which federates national and international computer societies, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020. IFIP is the main international organization in the information technology (IT) field, with a prestigious history and many major contributions to the field.

On this important occasion, IFIP asked a number of respected experts from around the world to contribute a chapter to the Unimagined Futures book, summarizing the state of the art and scientific challenges in all the major fields of IT. For the chapter on Software Engineering, they solicited Professor Meyer from SIT, an academic, entrepreneur, and author in the field.

The chapter is entitled “Software Engineering, Across Two Centuries” and provides both a sweeping summary of the enormous progress of software engineering since the time of IFIP’s creation in 1960 and a view of the challenges facing the field for the next 60 years. The chapter was also used in the author’s course in the SIT Master program on Computer Science and Software Engineering, whose students used it as a survey of fundamental software engineering issues.

This chapter and others in Unimagined Futures – ICT Opportunities and Challenges provide a vivid picture of information technology and its key role in all aspects of modern society. Published by Springer.