Week One of IT Skills Programme Unites Migrant Students Through Tech and Education

16 Jul 2021

Week one of the IT Skills Programme for people with immigration background in Schaffhausen is off to a good start! The three-week programme offers basic IT, cybersecurity and soft-skill topics like CV best-practices, use of social media for education and work and even understanding and dealing with cryptocurrencies

IT migrants week

IT migrants week

This year, SIT supports Acronis, together with Plesk, in supporting local migrants in gaining access and knowledge to the tools and resources needed to not only gain skills essential for employment but to better integrate into the local Schaffhausen community. The shared values of the partners behind the programme and the volunteers supporting it give way to the success of the IT Skills Programme in helping participants to improve their studying and employment opportunities and have a better future for themselves and their families.

“We are proud to join our partner Acronis in supporting local migrants in obtaining IT skills and basic industry knowledge needed to build a more successful future. The IT Skills Programme not only enriches the lives of migrants looking to boost their professional career but of the greater Schaffhausen community.”
- Roman Hagen, Government Relations Lead, SIT

Learn how you can support the programme as an individual or a company, at https://acronis.org/immigrants-programme/.