SIT Joins Partner Acronis in Supporting Migrants with IT Skills Programme

07 Jul 2021

SIT proudly joins partner Acronis in this year’s IT Skills Programme for Migrants. The programme, initiated last year, will kickoff July 12 with 3 weeks of workshops and trainings for students, providing them with essential hard and soft skills for employment and equipping them with the knowledge and expertise to achieve their professional goals.

With a Swiss population of more than 25% foreign nationals and 227 daily migrants to Switzerland, an astounding near 60% of the workforce across many industries is made up of migrants. The IT Skills Programme is designed to support the local migrant community in Schaffhausen interested in obtaining practical IT skills that will further their education and help them obtain the necessary skills for employment in order to better adapt to modern society and advance their careers.

To learn more about the project and support local migrants in building a better future, click here.