Prof. Nicolas Gisin Co-publishes Paper Demonstrating Power of Quantum Computing

30 Jun 2021

Quantum legacy, Nicolas Gisin, SIT Strategic Advisory Board Member and Prof. of Quantum Information and Communication, University of Geneva and SIT, co-publishes another paper on quantum technology. The paper, 'Demonstrating the power of quantum computers, certification of highly entangled measurements and scalable quantum nonlocality,' published in npj Quantum Information, discusses quantum networks, focusing on frameworks within a quantum chip with superconducting qubits. The paper highlights how quantum communication will be important not only at large scales but also in chips, similarly to classical communication.

Gisin notes this work as possible thanks to efforts from the first author, Elisa Bäumer, a ETH-Zurich student who also works part-time for IBM-Zurich, which granted access to today's best IBM quantum computers. The results of the paper, as suggested by the title, certify large-scale entanglement distribution and nonlocality.

You can download the full paper at the link below.