Zeca Carvalho Joins Flow Experience Digital Event in Brazil

09 Jun 2021

Over the next three days, executives and managers from marketing, events and tech industries consolidate at Flow Experience, an innovative event that brings together professionals who are transforming the way of doing business. The digital event, hosted in Brazil, focuses on the areas most impacted by the digital transformation, and features a series of panel discussions designed to help business leaders better prepare for the future.

Zeca Carvalho, Vice President of #CyberFit Sports at Acronis, will join the “Fight Universe: digital disruption and new forms of entertainment” panel, where he will talk about the advancements of Machine Intelligence (MI) for this industry. Carvalho, will discuss various MI projects including those powered by SIT Autonomous, highlighting MI trends particularly linked to the autonomous sports industry.

The event will highlight trends and market topics across sports, events, e-commerce, music, education and influence marketing sectors. Explore the entire schedule and hear from Carvalho on the future of MI by registering for the event.