SIT and Acronis Renew Shared Partnership with Swiss Field Hockey Team, Servette HC

07 Jun 2021

Image: The Servette HC team in their new SIT and Acronis sponsored merchandise. Photo credit

SIT, in collaboration with Acronis, renews its sports partnership with Servette HC - Hockey sur gazon, a Swiss field hockey team. The partnership not only continues to strengthen SIT's growing presence in Geneva, but celebrates, together with Acronis, the increasing interconnectivity of tech and sports. SIT is honored to continue to support the The Team and the longstanding history of camaraderie it represents.

Servette HC has existed since 1911 and since its creation, the club has known more or less glorious years but it has always grown with the experience acquired.This constant desire to improve has allowed the club to display a healthy and solid image in terms of its organization, its sports results and its financial health. Moreover, the number of members within the club has not ceased to increase over time to currently exceed the 250 member mark, which officially makes it the second largest club in Switzerland.