Physical Review Letters Accepts SIT Research Paper, Co-authored with Prof. Nicolas Gisin

02 Jun 2021

Image: Institute for Quantum Computing

Quantum Physics Legacy Nicolas Gisin drives SIT towards the first PRL accepted research paper.

"Testing quantum networks and ensuring they are not being mimicked by classical networks is no easy feat. This is where the non-locality concept, i.e. the possibility of several parties to coordinate at a distance without communicating, as witnessed by the violation of a Bell inequality, comes into play. Our study shows that in networks, non-locality gains a new dimension, allowing for entirely new ways to guarantee the quantumness of future networks."

The Physical Review Letters (PRL), a leading physics journal, accepts, for the first time, an SIT co-authored paper ‘Bilocal Bell inequalities violated by the quantum Elegant Joint Measurement’. The research is conducted and written by physics quantum legacy and SIT Prof. Nicolas Gisin, alongside two other esteemed physics colleagues. 

The theory paper analyzes how quantum networks function by going beyond the standard Bell nonlocality answer. The research instead leverages the simplest network of three parties in a line, a configuration known as bilocality, to find ‘quantumness witnesses’, a significant finding that paves the way for experimental realization by presenting a simple two-qubit quantum circuit for the implementation of the Elegant Joint Measurement and our generalization.

Access the full paper here.