Startup Qnami Raises CHF 4 Million in Series A Seeding Led by SIT Capital and Runa Capital

12 May 2021

In 2019, Swiss startup Qnami, founded in 2017, launched its Qnami ProteusQ™, the first commercial Scanning NV (Nitrogen-Vacancy) Magnetometer. This tool provides an innovative platform for analyzing magnetic materials at the nanoscale, playing a fundamental role in the future of both quantum computing and spintronics devices. The markets for Scanning NV microscopy in the cryogenic and spintronics design and manufacturing settings expand Qnami’s focus from research to industrial customers.

Qnami’s Series A equity round, led by SIT Capital and Runa Capital, rasied CHF 4 million. These funds will support the extension of Qnami’s patented quantum microscope technology into applications enabling the design and production of quantum computers and spintronics devices, plus scaling the launch of the Qnami ProteusQ™, the first commercial quantum microscope. Qnami was nominated one of the TOP 100 Swiss Startups and a Venture Leader Technology in 2019 and a Venture Kick winner in 2018.

  • “We have gained good market traction with the launch of the ProteusQ and Quantilevers in the materials research setting. Top researchers already use Qnami’s technology to discover and describe the magnetic properties of new materials.”

    — Mathieu Munsch, co-founder and CEO of Qnam

This seeding is a major win for Qnami as it propels forward in establishing its groundbreaking business and for SIT Capital and Runa Capital as they solidify themselves in the venture capital sector. Read the full article here.