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Teaching and Learning to Code Online: Today and Tomorrow - Clubhouse Talk

07 Jul 2021

Tune in July 7, 2pm CEST for an all-access Clubhouse Talk with industry experts who will discuss all things on ‘Teaching and Learning to Code: Today and Tomorrow’. The talk, led by SIT Alemira CEO, Laurent Dedenis and joined by external speakers in the field will dive into how online classrooms work today and how programming courses will most likely evolve in the coming years based off trends and market research. The 1-hour talk will answer the two most common questions when it comes to online coding courses:

1.    Do coding instructors have all the resources and materials needed to deliver online coding courses worth taking?
2.    Are students learning to code online getting the most out of their classroom experiences?

The talk follows the recent live webinar which included a prototype demonstration of SIT Alemira's future online classroom product that we expect will help colleges, universities and bootcamps take the next necessary step towards the cutting edge of online programming education. 

Join Us on Clubhouse

Join the SIT Alemira Clubhouse Talk
July 7, 2pm CEST and gain unique insights on teaching and learning to code. 

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