Swiss innovation ecosystem for emerging technologies with global partnerships
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
  • Schaffhausen is 40 min far from Zurich Airport
  • 20 min drive to the nearest town in Germany
  • Good reputation of the country and high level in UN indexes
Focus areas
Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Security & Privacy
New Materials
Quantum Technologies
Digital Business / Law
Digital Sport / Health
Developing the Digital Professionals
of the Future
Future-oriented blended-learning educational system
• Flexible time organization – university is open 24/7
• Intensive programs. Example: Master degree in 12 months
• Focus on practical training
• Peer-to-peer and collaborative learning approach
Close cooperation with Industry

• Research projects in cooperation with Industry
• Student projects mentored by Industry experts
• Internships for students worldwide

The master program is supported by the Foundation, which offers
High quality master program
On higher education with a truly global perspective (Carnegie Mellon University and National University of Singapore)
Full scholarships
Covering: tuition, accommodation and monthly allowance (1000 USD), open to applicants from all nationalities
1-year full-time cross-cultural study journey
Students will study 9 months in Pittsburgh or Singapore with summer internship opportunities in Switzerland
Intensive education experience
In small groups of international top students
Excellent job perspectives
The best students will be offered job positions in partner companies

Candidates may enroll in one of the following master's programs
World-class Scientists, Technologists and Educators are aware of SIT
Tommaso Calarco
Professor of Quantum Information Processing, University of Ulm
Konstantin Novoselov
Professor of Physics, University of Manchester
David Garlan
Professor Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
Eugene Polzik
Professor of Physics Niels Bohr Institute
Artur Ekert
Director, Center for Quantum Technologies
Rainer Blatt
Professor for Experimental Physics, University of Innsbruck
Alexandra Boltasseva
Professor at Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University
David Jonathan Gross
Professor of Theoretical Physics University of California
Our students can apply their knowledge and skills in top companies
University Campus

~35,000 sq m
University building and labs

28,000 sq m
Living rooms, Laundry, Recreation area & public spaces
13,000 sq m
Sports and Recreation Area
Swimming pool, Fitness rooms, Multi-purpose sport hall, Dance and Martial Arts studio, Therapy room, Group exercise classes, Sports injury clinic
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Study Program
until May 31
until May 31
Accept documents
August 1
August 1
You come to Schaffhausen, Switzerland
1 week
August 10
August 10
You start studying in the USA or Singapore
6 month
January 10
January 10
Continuing to study at Schaffhausen, Switzerland
6 month
August 1
August 1
Carnegie/Singapore Masters degree diploma

2 years working at Acronis or SIT University
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