Business projects at SIT

Drive transformative advances in science, research, and technology
SIT Alemira

Implement active learning to transform passive information consumption into high-engagement knowledge discovery

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SIT Autonomous

Empower robots and autonomous machines to see, navigate, and control the world around them

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SIT Capital

SIT Capital is an international venture capital firm built by the world’s leading entrepreneurs to support early-stage digital startups around the world

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SIT Programming School

Discover a 3D game-like educational environment, where children aged 6 to 13 can learn programming

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SIT StartGarden

Business Incubator and acceleration programs can help you prove your concept and promote a new product to the market

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SIT Rolos

SIT Rolos is a collaborative, intelligent multi-cloud platform that simplifies and accelerates the research lifecycle by using AI-based computational modelling.

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