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Roborace is the world’s first extreme competition of teams developing self-driving AI

Roborace is a competition of electrically powered vehicles that drive autonomously, that is, without drivers. After having successfully completed Season Alpha in 2019, Roborace is now in Season Beta (2020-2021). Find out the latest news and Roborace results.

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Roborace Season Beta results

Round 8 of Roborace Season Beta finished on April 1, 2021, and brought excellent results to the Acronis SIT Autonomous team. The team hit no obstacles and finished the race with the result time of 05:36.800 reaching the top speed of 151 kph. This helped SIT Autonomous to secure the first position in the Roborace leaderboard.

Roborace rounds in more detail

October 26-30, 2020

The first round of Roborace season Beta got underway at England’s Thruxton race circuit. London-based Arrival Racing were the only team to complete three successful laps on an opening day. But after the successful first day, the team encountered problems as the ‘Devbot 2.0’ came to a standstill on the exit of the Thruxton chicane.

For Acronis SIT Autonomous, it was a much better effort on the second day of running, their Devbot 2.0 enjoying a much better outing in setting an overall time of 04.47.40s, having collected 39 bonus orbs and hitting 6 obstacle walls but going 19 seconds faster than Arrival Racing.

“It was an unexpected software initialization failure and our engineers analyzed the data and implemented changes to prevent it from happening again. The Acronis SIT Autonomous team successfully recovered, and today won second place in Season Beta round 2, outrunning the MIT and CMU teams. We want to thank our fans and partners for supporting our team and look forward to achieving great results on the track.
-explained Ilya Shimchik, team lead of SIT Autonomous.

Dec 11-12, 2020

The Acronis SIT Autonomous Roborace team bounced back from an indifferent opening weekend at Thruxton to dominate the field and win both rounds at the Bedford Autodrome. 

“It was in our data sets how we participated and how many collectables we collected and how many collected and how many collectables we may collect. Maybe we missed some collectables but anyway we are quite satisfied with our results right now. Let’s see where it puts us compared to the other teams at the end of the day",
-said Ilya Shimchik, team lead of SIT Autonomous after the opening run.

February 12-14, 2021

The Acronis SIT Autonomous team has taken sole ownership of the Season Beta Roborace standings after another polished performance in rounds 4 and 5 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

Coming into the latest race weekend of the world’s first driverless car racing series, Acronis SIT shared the championship lead with rivals Arrival Racing.

Yet, in another weekend punctuated by software problems for other teams, it was Acronis SIT Autonomous who put together two steady rounds as Arrival Racing failed to score any points in round 6, only their second DNF after their disappointment at Bedford Autodrome.

Ilya Shimchuk, team leaf of SIT Autonomous, is optimistic about the upcoming Round 7:

“It really helps that we’ve already tested this track so I believe for the next round, Round 7, we can increase our performance and push the limits of control of the car."
-says Ilya Shimchuk, team lead of SIT Autonomous

March 31 - April 1, 2021

After completing Rounds 7&8 of the Roborace Championship, the Acronis SIT Autonomous team is now a strong leader of the competition. The team collected 52 virtual bonus objects and hit no obstacles in the course of the two rounds.

Unfortunately, another champion favorite, the Aglo-Russian team Arrival Racing had to opt-out of the competition. The Acronis SIT Autonomous team now won five out of the eight rounds and leads the standings from Arrival Racing by 900 points.

“It’s a pleasure to be here and to show good results and be happy we have this opportunity to take the first place here."
-says Ilya Shimchuk, team lead of SIT Autonomous

April 20-21, 2021

The Acronis SIT Autonomous Roborace team continued its utter dominance of Season Beta by winning both rounds of Mission 4 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

With the ultimate goal of the racing series to have several fully autonomous ‘Devbots’ competing on track at the same time, this marked an important step forwards to that end. This time, every overtake of a ghost car would shave 20 seconds off the overall time, whilst a collision would mean a 30s time penalty

“We are very happy with the result, we showed what we can do. As I said earlier, we didn’t know what to expect and fortunately the run was quite good for us and we overtook a lot of cars. We’re happy with this."
-says Ilya Shimchuk, team lead of SIT Autonomous

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