How to improve learning 10x with SIT Alemira Active Labs

Transform passive information consumption into engaging knowledge discovery

On March 30, during the first-ever SIT Alemira webinar, we learned how to get better results from online training. Find out how to increase learner engagement, scale your education in sync with your company’s needs, and use your training to widen your partner and client network.

Topics covered:

  • SIT Alemira digital learning ecosystem
  • Active Learning and why it works
  • Best practices for using Virtual Labs
  • Q&A

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Meet our speakers

Laurent Dedenis
Laurent Dedenis

CEO of SIT Alemira and CEO and co-founder of Chainstack

Markus Bauer
Markus Bauer

Technology Evangelist EMEA at Acronis

Vasily Rudomanov
Vasily Rudomanov

Senior Product Manager at SIT Alemira

About SIT Alemira

SIT Alemira is a complete digital ecosystem for universities (including research), boot camps, and corporate education. The Active Learning ecosystem includes an AI-powered learning and authoring platform, data-driven collaborative research and a modelling platform, active educational content from renowned scientists, and organization transformation consulting services.

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