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SIT Academy caters to aspiring and senior professionals, willing to add depth to their knowledge and skills in the fields of Computer Science, Physics, and Business Science.

Our short programs are designed and taught by globally recognized thought leaders, including academics, analysts, authors, consultants, influencers, and speakers. With SIT Academy, you can gain specific knowledge, tools, and insights needed to fast-track your career.

Comprehensive Programs
Go farther than you thought possible with our comprehensive leadership programs. Opt for an all-round transformative experience and get ready for the highest level of digital leadership.

Focused Programs
Deepen specific professional capabilities with intense topic-focused programs. Build expertise in the subjects that matter to you most and face your challenges headfirst.

Explore programs

Choose from our hand-picked program suite and join the next generation of digital leaders. With a unique blend of high-tech & high-touch, we support contemporary learning in the following areas:

Cyber security online course
Cyber Security online course

What you need to know to protect your business

Acquire an overview of the field of information security and assurance. Master risk management, security planning, and security policy enforcement and auditing activities.

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artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Principles of AI implementation in your Business

Learn how to embed ethical design principles and trust-based considerations into your AI-enabled applications and processes. Get ready to mitigate ethical risk within your businesses in regards to AI systems and applications.

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Deploying Business Analytics

Leverage Big Data to grow your business

Discover how data should be acquired, stored, maintained, and put to work. Find out the best practices to manage data and exploit its potential. Have the right data in a manageable amount with the right attributes for all business decisions.

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advanced materials
Advanced Materials

Driving impact innovation and application in your business

Gain an overview of the most interesting and versatile advanced materials, their unique properties, characteristics, and potential implementation in their industries.

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Why attend

Compact Learning

Benefit from targeted, in-depth learning that requires minimum time and yields maximum results. Together with the SIT renowned faculty, you can review the latest insights, research findings, and business strategies.

Technology drive

Enjoy an unparalleled learning experience with the AI-powered SIT Alemira digital ecosystem. Take advantage of the Active Learning approach, complete with dynamic content, data-driven course adjustments, and AI tutoring.

Renowned faculty

Learn from world-class professors and entrepreneurs from the comfort of your own home.

Flexible format

Combine your demanding career with an intense study by choosing from our online workshops, courses, and non-degree executive certificates or diplomas. Our open enrollment programs range from two days to week-long and are available throughout the year.

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