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Access custom-designed executive education for organizations

For organizations, SIT Academy offers bespoke executive education programs in the fields of Computer Science, Physics, and Business Science.

All of our education is market- and technology-driven, taught by internationally recognized scientists and industry leaders. With SIT Academy, you can prepare the agile leadership needed to usher your company into the digital age.

Together with SIT Academy, you can co-design a unique learning experience directly linked to your organization’s business objectives. Here are just a few courses that we can build for your organization.

We offer courses on these topics

Cyber Security

The threat of cyber attacks by criminal individuals, competitors, or governments continues to grow. Understanding and managing emerging information technology and cyber security is a critical skill for executives in all industries.

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Artificial Intelligence

Participants will learn how to harness the power of analytics to make better business decisions, and ensure transparency, explainability, and easy interpretation of autonomous choices and actions.

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Legal matters!

The path to startup success is paved with legal pitfalls. A startup's ability to successfully navigate these roadblocks is dependent upon the foresight instituted by founders and management teams.

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The Future of Advanced Materials

How can companies ensure that novel integration or application of the latest materials developments become commercial successes? Materials innovation and its application are critical to future advances of broad industrial and societal needs.

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What is Quantum Technology?

Everything you need to know about quantum technology. Technological advances have been changing our lives at an exponential rate for centuries. But what changes will the quantum revolution bring?

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Leadership trainings

Our training program provides the concepts and the practices of Leadership in a high impact learning-environment to help leaders effectively coach, empower and lead individuals and teams to higher levels of performance

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...and many more. Contact us for more information.

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Cyber security
Artificial intelligence
Legal matters
The future of advanced materials
What is quantum technology?
Leadership training

Why partner with SIT Academy

In-house training

Prepare your best teams, talents, senior executives, board members to step forward and take your business to the next level. We offer executive education that accelerates and delivers immediate, marketable results.

Blended learning

Explore novel perspectives with the four-pronged Blended Learning approach. Enrich your custom training with food-for-thought content, internal assignments, knowledge transfer sessions, and interdisciplinary workshops.

Tailor-made learning

Collaborate with our expert team and co-create an immersive learning experience for your team. The delivered custom-made program is directly liked to your unique business imperatives and yields desired results from day one.

Top faculty

Inspire your team to excel together with the SIT renowned faculty and guest speakers. Blend academic rigour with industry knowledge by learning from achieved entrepreneurs, thought leaders, experts, and coaches.

Flexible format

Choose what works best for your company form our broad portfolio of globally scalable, accessible virtual experiences, which include workshops, courses, and non-degree executive certificates or diplomas.

Mix of disciplines

Ignite transformation by leveraging insights from Computer Science, Physics, and Business Science. Discover where an innovative blend of subjects can take your organization.