SIT Insights in Technology Conference 2020

Recording available!
Learn from the world’s top speakers in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Technologies, Advanced Materials, and Business and gain an in-depth understanding of how we can achieve sustainability through transformative science.

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New SIT Academy online course in Cyber Security

Learn about Cyber Security from industry leading experts in the flagship course of SIT Academy.
The course opens 21st October and will be available on demand whenever you sign up.
Find out how to protect your company against modern cyber attacks right from home and learn in your own pace.

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SIT Academy offers all-in learning experiences to individual and corporate clients

Both our individual and corporate courses are designed by top industry and academic experts and tailored to the needs of C-level executives and entrepreneurs.

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SIT offers Master of Science degrees in cooperation with Carnegie-Mellon University and National University of Singapore

Students can complete their education at the partner university's site and receive degrees from either NUS or CMU and SIT.

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Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) is
an International research-led institution

Founded by entrepreneurs, led by scientists, advanced by world-class researchers.
We are located in the heart of Europe - in a picturesque medium-sized city in Switzerland.

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SIT Is Founded By Entrepreneurs
Advanced By World-Class Researchers
Led By Scientists