What is SIT?
The Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) is a new research and higher education institution located in beautiful Schaffhausen, in the heart of Switzerland near the spectacular Rhine Falls, and 35 minutes from Zurich airport.

SIT's mission is to advance knowledge and discovery in science and technology areas with open research challenges and the potential for commercial applications.

SIT will feature educational programs at the Bachelor's, Master's and PhD levels, research laboratories, and a technology park.
What areas does SIT cover?
Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning
Software engineering
Graphene and other
new materials
Quantum technologies
Blockchain and other distributed cryptographic architectures
Digital health, digital sports,
digital humanities
How far ahead is SIT?
The SIT project is in its inception phase. We are building up research centers and hiring faculty. The first research chair is already in place: Software and Security.

We have devised a first bachelor's and master's curriculum: the Computer Science track. It is currently under assessment by Informatics Europe, in preparation for accreditation and for welcoming our first group of resident students in the academic year 2021-2022. Curricula for SIT's other focus areas will follow.

In the short term, SIT is offering a full-fledged master's program as part of partnerships with both Carnegie-Mellon University (Pittsburgh) and National University of Singapore, on some of the SIT topics such as software engineering, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Selected students will complete the master's degree at one of the partner institutions during the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years and come back to help set up the SIT research and education.
Who is SIT?
SB Serguei Beloussov
Singaporean tech entrepreneur, CEO of Acronis and other companies, science enthusiast.
In Serguei's words, "With SIT, Schaffhausen will become known as a major center for technology and innovation".
Bertrand Meyer
SIT scientific leader and acting provost, formerly Professor of Software Engineering at ETH Zurich, founder of Eiffel Software, author of classic software engineering textbooks. Lives in Zurich.
Bertrand considers SIT "the opportunity to reach new frontiers in science and technology with great resources, an enthusiastic team and the freedom to innovate".
Christian Wipf
Advising SIT on legal and financial issues, chairman of GCA Altium Switzerland. Lives in Zurich.
"To continue its unique success story", says Christian, "Switzerland needs to bring its research and education in technology ever further and higher, attracting the best talent worldwide. SIT is a major Swiss initiative towards meeting this challenge."
Dimitri Kondratieu
Entrepreneur and academic with a record of building up new research universities such as Innopolis University in Tatarstan. Lives in Schaffhausen
"SIT", says Dimitri, "is a once-in-a-lifetime project to reach the top ranks of international research universities faster than any pundit would think possible".
Is SIT just in Schaffhausen?
SIT will be at the center of an international campus network, with satellite campuses and online offerings.
Is SIT just science and education?
An integral part of SIT's mission is to collaborate with industrial and technology companies and foster start-ups and spin-offs. The SIT campus will include a technology park with corporate support for startups and technology transfer.
Can we invest in SIT?
Investing in SIT is investing in the future of Schaffhausen, Switzerland and the world's education and research. Contact the SIT team for investment opportunities.
How do I participate?
The SIT adventure is just starting. Whether you are an ambitious student passionate about advanced science and technology, a young professional in search of an innovative PhD opportunity, a world-class researcher looking for the right environment for your next initiative or an investor seeking opportunities in new technology areas, you can be part of it!
Contact the SIT team at admission@sit.org